Pregnancy Massage

75 MINUTES $80

Serra Manawey is a fully qualified and certified Pregnancy Massage Practitioner, trained by Pregnancy Massage Australia. Suitable for pregnant women of any stage in gestation, Serra Manawey will assess your needs and deliver a deeply relaxing and safe massage treatment while treating any problem areas specific to your pregnancy. This is a safe space to take some time out to relax, connect with your baby and your body and receive caring support to assist with your journey through pregnancy into birth.


Balinese Intuitive Massage

75 MINUTES $80

Balinese Intuitive Massage is a whole body treatment that incorporates lymphatic drainage and deep tissue techniques. It is characterised by long flowing strokes and helps to release tension, drain the lymphatic system and flush the circulatory and digestive systems.


Energy Clearing Massage

75 MINUTES $80

An Energy Clearing Massage is a full body intuitive massage with a combination of tension spot focused massage, energy draining techniques and Reiki. During this massage old energy blockages stored within the body are gently released and cleared, relieving the body of old wounds and injuries.


Relaxation Massage

75 Minutes $80

A smooth and relaxing 75 minute massage to relieve tension and stress and allow the body to drop into a deep state of relaxation. When in this state the body is able to reset, re-adjust and find a place of balance and equilibrium.

For reservations or information:

Please contact Serra Manawey via phone, email or on the Serra Manawey Healing Facebook page.

Mobile service available by request

Discount available for pensioners and low income earners.