90 Minutes $80

Reiki is a gentle energy healing technique using laying on of hands and channelling of universal healing energy. This channelled energy helps the body to release blockages and stress and aids in the bodies own healing and recovery process.

Crystal Healing

120 Minutes $100

Crystal Healing is a transformative experience using individual crystals to target specific areas of disturbance within the energy body. These areas may include energy blockages, leaks, low energy, excessive energy, wounds or traumas and past life memories.
With the combination of crystal arrangements on the body, channelled energy and sound, the energy body is cleared, balanced, aligned and finally grounded into the physical body.

Sound Healing

120 Minutes $100

Sound Healing is another transformative experience to clear, balance and align the physical body, energy body, chakras and meridian system. A treatment may include Voice, Medicine Drum journey, Crystal Bowl sound healing, Tibetan Bowls, Tingshaws, Clapping sticks and other instruments. The use of sound vibration as a healing tool forms a bridge between the physical and non-physical, affecting change in both the physical and energetic bodies.

For reservations or information:

Please contact Serra Manawey via phone, email or on the Serra Manawey Healing Facebook page.

Mobile service available on request.

Discount available for pensioners and low income earners.