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Serra works in an authentic holistic way integrating her scientific background with her powerful intuition - I have experienced a hands on massage and an energy healing both with healing outcomes - I highly recommend Serra Manawey ❤️🧚‍♀️❤️Testimonials
— Nettie Hulme
Serra is magical and amazing. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for deep, profound and transformational healing. I went, then I took my kids back to see her. Then I sent as many people as she could take before she left Victoria to go back to Australia. Her absence is palpable. Go with open heart and open mind and allow yourself to receive her guidance and deep wisdom as she facilitates your healing journey.
— Dee Guns
I had an amazing session with Serra, and wanted to share the love and passion she dedicates to her practice. The entire experience from start to finish was thorough, magical, deep and lifting all at once. I had some interesting body sensations and something that I would describe as an out of body experience as well! It was a gift to experience her gift. Thank you Serra
— Becca Butterfly


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Serra Manawey